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Fascinating Facts About Tennessee

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Dear Jeff:

The "state" is the focus, the State of Tennessee today. Its quite a fascinating place.

S. Tennessee was quite badly split during the Civil War, it did not secede from the Union to join the Confederacy until June 1861, after a badly divided IInd vote to do so, the first having failed 54-46% four months earlier in February. Thus it was last state to secede. It also has the distinction of being the state that provided the biggest number of troops to both Union & Confederate armed forces as folks were free II choose which side they fought on since there was a delay in its break from the Union.

T. In the very well known East Tennessee mountain area, you have the Blue Ridge Mountains which are further subdivided into different smaller ranges. These include the Iron Mountains, Roan Highlands, Unicoi Mountains, Bald Mountains, & the Great Smoky Mountains.

U. The Tennessee Higher Education Commission is the main board that oversees & makes sure there is proper educational accountability in schools!

The Home State Of The Lovely Country Songstress Miss Dolly Parton,


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