Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Premier On The Far Right Hash Marks

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Hon. Jeff Johnson, B. Ed., MLA
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Dear Jeff:

Today Executive Dissertations continues it tributes to Alberta Premiers with a look at our XIth (11th) Premier Donald (Don) R. Getty who was Premier from MCMLXXXV-MCMXCII (1985-1992.)

- Don graduated from the University Of Western Ontario with a degree in business. So he was very interested in being a businessman & athlete simultaneously.

- Don was the Edmonton Eskimos winning Quarterback IV both the MCMLV & MCMLVI (1955 & 1956) Grey Cup matches, giving us two Grey Cups here in Edmonton. Don is married to his high school & may I say very beautiful sweetheart Margaret.& has four sons & many grandchildren.

- Don served as Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs & as Minister of Energy in cabinets of then Premier E. Peter Lougheed before leaving politics in MCMLXXIX (1979) to go into business for a few years until Premier Lougheed decided to retire VI (6) years later & therefore open up the Premier's & PC Association Of Alberta leader's chairs.

- Don was the Member Of The Legislature Assembly (MLA) for Edmonton-Whitemud just like current Premier Dave Hancock is. However, just like Dave who was born in Fort Resolution, The North West Territories, Don was born in city of Westmount, Quebec & not in Alberta's borders. So two Edmonton-Whitemud Premiers in a row born outside Alberta.

- Don was the first Premier in Canadian history to sign Provincial Land Treatises with First Nations & Metis groups. A truly noble idea!

Jackie Parker,


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