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February XXVIIth, MMX

Hon. David G. Hancock, QC, MLA
Minister of Education,
Progressive Conservative, Edmonton-Whitemud

Dear David:

Now I can be theatrical & maybe even a little controversial, but one thing I am not: is a killer! David your a Queen's Counsel & a highly respected MLA. I have taken about 7 or 8 Law classes in my life so I have just a few questions for you. What is Justice Brian Burrows over at The Court of Queens Bench? If I participated in an attack on Mr. Dean Smith, I'd even at the age of 17 would expect to go to jail. Instead I get 2.75 years of extra freedom & a license to hurt.

Justice Burrows is clearly wrong. This young fellow should have been put away immediately & charged with other crimes as an adult such as attempted murder. I do not care if he is now a 19 year old student, he is clearly psychotic & needs to be locked away for a long time. I believe 10 years would not be unreasonable. To hell with the conniving bastard's studies at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology. Let the little monster rot in jail & if he has to take his classes by correspondence from there (at his own expense.) He should forfeit his remaining dues & be put away immediately, no need to give him even 1 more hour of freedom. What a viper, what an uncaring piece of garbage!

I agree there should be no barriers to education, but what about educating this young fellow & showing him that he completely destroyed the life of Dean Smith. A truly upstanding citizen of Alberta & a proud husband & father. I mean he was working with disabled kids, to rob the disabled of a protector & friend is egregious & manical. I bet you this little creep, Manpreet Grewal isn't even sorry. He has "man" is in his freaking name, let him be sentenced to hard time, as a man.

A Proviso David: Mr. Smith should not have made disparaging remarks about Mr. Grewal's turban. That racial intolerance is totally uncceptable. Horrid really. Maybe it to a degree set Mr. Grewal & his friends off, but it doesn't lessen the fact that this attempted murder was wrong & it was attempted murder, not aggravated assault.

Law & Order Year XX (Twenty) On NBC,


Source: The Alberta Criminal Court Of Appeal(s).

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