Sunday, February 14, 2010

Prostitution Should Not Be A Barrier To Education

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February XIVth, MMX

Hon. David G. Hancock, QC, MLA
Minister of Education,
Progressive Conservative, Edmonton-Whitemud

Dear David:

As you know prostitution is as defined by the Criminal Code "in & of itself" a "legal activity." Of course "communication IV the purposes of it" is illegal. So in order to committ a legal activity you have to committ an act which is against the law. Because how can an act(s) of prostitution really be committed without "communicating?"

It is in this sense that I suggest the following. There are what five schools on the chopping block. So I say combine the kids into 4 of the facilities and then offer prostitutes a chance at an education. Not free of charge no. But for every course they get 80% or over, have the Province pay for it out of pocket. So in otherwords, open a facility where the prostitutes, both male & female get a chance to go to school. If they stay off of drugs, reward them with free nights of lodging in the building which is arguably safe & protected.

A school for just prostitutes, its a novel idea. Also reward them with school nurses who can provide free community care in the school. Care such as pre natal & STD courses, as well as drug prevention & domestic abuse protection & prevention courses. The key here is, the prostitutes are given a 100% chance equally in life to succeed by getting basic mathematical & grammatical skills. As well as computer option courses. Gently wean the hookers off prostitution, tell them they must remain booze & drug free while they are in school or they are kicked out for say 90 days.

Plus, you make the prostitutes pay for a portion of up to say 50% of their own courses. I mean what better revenge against the johns than using their own money against them to make the prostitutes stronger people? If prostitutes can pay for a portion of their own courses off of the evil blood & drug money handed to them by the degenerate johns, they will feel better about themselves. If they can get off the streets & become productive members of Edmonton's society, they can show up the johns. Maybe even becoming prosecutors & judges who put johns away in jail like the scum they are.

I say equal education for all David, prostitutes, & eveyone else the same!

I Want To Sincerely Wish You & Your Lovely Bride Janet A Happy Valentine's Day David,


Source: The Sexual Assault Crisis Centre.

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