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Premier John Brownlee Never Played For The Cleveland Browns

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Hon. Jeff Johnson, B. Ed., MLA, Minister of Education, Progressive Conservative, Athabasca-Sturgeon-RedH2O

Dear Jeff:

Although Vth (5th) Premier of Alberta John E. Brownlee, QC, LL. D., United Farmers Of Alberta (UFA) resigned from office due to a sex scandal & was sued by the victim & had to pay money by court order to her, the allegations were never proved with any actual physical evidence. So a matter of "he said, she said." A comparable example being XLIInd (42nd) United States President William Jefferson Clinton, Democrat-Arkansas. If Monica or "Miss" Lewinsky had not saved her dress with the President's DNA on it, or at least had it dry cleaned, there would have been no proof against the then Chief Executive & therefore no legal basis II impeach him. Premier Brownlee served in office from MCMXXV-MCMXXXIV (1925-1934) & was the MLA for Ponoka.

- Born in Port Ryerse, Ontario, the birth province of two of our current candidates for Progressive Conservative leader, John was quite strong on the educational front. Students will take note that he studied political science & history at Victoria College on the University Of Toronto campus bIV moving west to practice law.

- John's wife Florence was a talented arts student at McMaster College & gave him II sons.

- John worked with Sir James Lougheed, grandfather of another future Premier, The Hon. E. Peter Lougheed, already profiled in an earlier Executive Dissertations post. Also in that law firm was Richard Bedford (R.B.) Bennett, a future Prime Minister Of Canada. Talk about a historically rich & diverse group of talented gentlemen.

- John managed II negotiate a deal with the federal government to turn control of its natural resources over to Alberta government hands. Truly an amazing accomplishment.

- John divested off most of the agricultural colleges in the province that were losing money and tried to use the struggling assets II help struggling farmers in trouble with collapsing wheat prices, but this failed & along with the alleged sexual affair led to his resignation.

Edmonton's John E. Brownlee Bvilding That Houses Crown Prosecutors Is Named After The Former Premier IV His Legal Career,


Source: Www.BrownleeLaw.Com.


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