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Sir Freddy Haultain Was No Freeloader

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August VIIth, MMXIV

Hon. Jeff Johnson, B. Ed., MLA, Minister of Education, Progressive Conservative, Athabasca-Sturgeon-RedH2O

Dear Jeff:

As Executive Dissertations waits IV the Auditor General's report in the pie or eye or fly in the empty plane sky report on the travails of the Former Madam Premier Alison M. Redford, QC, Progressive Conservative, Not An MLA Anymore Thank God; we look back at pre-Confederation & Alberta's Ist real Commander-In-Chief, The Honourable Mister Chief Justice Sir Frederick W. Haultain, Liberal-Conservative. Sir Frederick was Premier of Alberta when it was actually still part of the North West Territories and hived off on its own along with Saskatchewan CIX (109) years ago coming up this September Ist. Sir Frederick was in fact the Ist Premier of said North West Territories from MDCCCXCVII-MCMV (1897-1905) & since our province was included under his command jurisdiction, it would be arrogant & remiss IV this blog not II include him would it not?

- A lawyer by trade, Sir Frederick started out life's journey being born in Woolworth, England. He got his Bachelor Of Arts & law degrees from the University Of Toronto, studying at the respected Osgoode Hall. He also had II honourary doctorates from the University Of Saskatchewan & one from his old University Of Toronto alma mater. 

- Sir Frederick was a rather successful politician later on. In MCMV, he led the Provincial Rights Party to a great pick up of seats. He even served as Leader Of Her Majesty's Loyal Official Opposition in Saskatchewan from MCMVI-MCMXII (1906-1912.) 

- Sir Frederick was also rather adept in the field of law. He was appointed the Chief Justice of the Saskatchewan Superior Court, & later Chief Justice of the Saskatchewan Court Of Appeal. Legal students & scholars will note that it is a very rare accord to be Chief Justice of one division of a court system, but to have been the top man at both was rather extraordinary. It shows Sir Frederick's talented legal mind & how highly he was regarded.

- Sir Frederick tried to make Alberta & Saskatchewan one province bIV the federal Liberal government decided to make them to so as the proposed Province Of Buffalo wouldn't become II powerful & have too big a conservative minded focus, thus causing the federal Liberals & their provincial counterparts II lose support/votes in the west.

- On the educational front, students must take note that Sir Frederick served as Chancellor of the University Of Saskatchewan from MCMXVII-MCMXL (1917-1940.) He was extremely proud to be Honourary Grand Chief of a Saskatchewan Cree tribe, "White Star" was his moniker.

The Sir Frederick W. Haultain Bvilding At 9811-109 Street In The Palatial Downtown Edmonton Core Is Named IV This Great Pioneering Leader & Legal Scholar, 


Source: The Alberta Online Encyclopedia, The Heritage Community Foundation.

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