Saturday, July 28, 2018

80,000 Reasons To Smile Converted To $34,800.00 In Graft (Cold Hard Cash!)

Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin., Tim Hortons Westpark Boulevard Courtesy Wifi, 30 Westpark Boulevard, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta T8L 4N2


Hon. Dave Eggen., B. Ed., MLA, Minister of Education, New Democratic, Edmonton-Calder

Dear Dave:

Here in Fort Saskatchewan, residents in this coffee shop are in complete agreement with your caucus colleague Jessica Nadine Littlewood, MLA, New Democratic, Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville getting the full $34,800.00 reimbursement for her 80,000 kilometres of driving. My mission, & I chose to accept it was to talk to area residents by coming into Mrs. Littlewood's riding personally to gauge opinions from the people who reside here, her constituents, whether they be NDP or not.

Riding residents point out that Jess has gone into business with Farmer Former Premier & Area MLA Ed Stelmach, Progressive Conservative (Retired.) What with Greyhound vacating the area, Jessica is picking up sides of beef & low cost lovely assorted meats from Ed's farm down at Andrew, Alberta where Ed butchers them personally. Then sells them at a contract rate price to lower income residents in his old riding with the Province of Alberta picking up Jessica's gasoline tab for driving around personally to farms & residences of riding residents who lack viable transportation. She also graciously stops at the Mundare Sausage House to get meats for all of the "sausage smokers" in her riding, ever so kind!

Ah the memories, I miss Eddie's on site barbecues with Ukrainian perogies & accoutrements down on the farm cooked by his stunning & gorgeous bride Marie (who gets even better looking with each passing year, Ed's certainly a very lucky man) while Ed fired up the meats on a BBQ or an open wood fire. I for one am mighty proud of Mrs. Littlewood & Premier Stelmach for this rare display of bipartisanship in a quest to ensure that residents who might not otherwise be able to afford meat can still have Ed's personal livestock brought to them. So an ex-MLA & a current MLA teaming up to get the citizenry of the riding proper nutrition & protein!

It's A Wonderful & Noble Mission & I Hope Mrs. Littlewood's UCP Successor Carries On The Tradition With Ed & The Sublime Stelmach Family Come Next June
When Hon. Jason Kenney, PC, MLA, United Conservative Party, Calgary-Lougheed Gets Sworn In As The XVIIIth (18th) Premier,


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