Friday, October 12, 2012

The Benefits Of Chai Tea

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October XIIth, MMXII

Hon. Jeff Johnson, MLA
Minister of Education,
Progressive Conservative, Athabasca-Sturgeon-RedH2O

Dear Jeff:

The benefits to students in drinking chai tea are enormous.

A. It has much less caffeine than coffee, and also provides more relaxed and better cognition. As a result of this it can calm the minds of students under mental stress. Eg.: Students studying and taking exams, or getting together a group project thats really tough.

B. The cinnamon in the tea increases vitality and overall awareness, thereby knocking back a student's fatigue factor by quite a bit.

C. Cardamom puts the student drinker in a relaxed mood and gets the heart, lungs, and kidneys pumping and operating at a normal rate.

D. The cloves in chai tea help with arthritis and other joint pains. This can be especially great if a student's hands are sore after writing, or other joints are sore after school physical activities.

E. Black pepper in the tea can help students regain better metabolism, not to mention ward off colds and flu-like symptoms, and make active colds go away much quicker.

There are many other benefits to this lovely beverage IV students & people on the whole. Consult with your medical practioner, and check with your friends who also have children to see how chai tea has benefits their family's.

I Am Having A Cup Right Now,


Source: Www.HariHarChai.Com.Au.

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