Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Technological Marvel

Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin., #203, 8912-156 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5R 5Z2

December Ist, MMXII

Hon. Jeff Johnson, MLA, Minister of Education, Progressive Conservative, Athabasca-Sturgeon-RedH2O

Dear Jeff:

I really admire the way in which Alberta Education has taken a hold & got students in classrooms II grasp technology. As discussed here in previous blog entries, while technology is good, the old ways have II be looked at as well. In some instances, students learn better on cognitive through typing & putting it in a typewritten format. However, some student brain patterns are different & they much prefer to learn by having things handwritten out IV them & then handing in their assignments raw & as they wrote &/or transcribed them. So as with any situation in life, a balance must be struck. Great Alberta Education tech improvements include:

1. Emerge 1 to 1 laptop learning.

2. Innovative classrooms & the supports needed II keep them at the top of their game.

3. Using technology II improve participation levels in high school studies in unique ways.

Keep Up The Ideas & Keep Up The Positivity,


Source: The Government Of Alberta, Department Of Education.

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