Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fascinating Facts About South Carolina

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Dear Jeff:

It really is a marvel how many factoids each American State, or any topic has. Take for instance the Palmetto State, or South Carolina.

M. History students will remember that Virginia housed the capital of the Confederate States Of America, Richmond. It was however South Carolina that seceded from the United States Ist with the South Carolinian troops attacking federal Army troops & their garrison at Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbour, thus beginning the Civil War & hundreds of thousands of deaths.

N. It houses one of only II commercial tea plantations in all of the United States. This plantation is located XX (20) miles south of Charleston on Wadmalaw Island.

O. South Carolina separated from North Carolina in MDCCXXIX (1729.)

"Nothing Could Be Finer Than II Be With Carolina In The Morning",


Source: Www.SciWay.Net/Facts.

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