Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Saturday Presidential Buzz-Andrew Johnson

Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin., Beverly Crest Hotel Courtesy Computer, Edmonton, Alberta

November Ist, MMXIV

Hon. Gordon Dirks, B. Ed., M. Ed., MLA-Elect, Minister of Education, Progressive Conservative, Calgary-Elbow

Dear Gordon:

In a speech to young people & their families, as well as in written commentaries, President Andrew Johnson had to not only finish off the Civil War battles, he had to heal the fractured nation after the Ist death ever by assassination of a Chief Executive, rather than a death by natural causes. Let me tell you that I as a history buff felt sorry IV Pres. Johnson, as President Abraham Lincoln's shoes couldn't have been easy to fill. In addition, Pres. Johnson was only Vice-President from March IVth-April XVth, MDCCCLXV (1865) since Former Vice-President Hannibal Hamlin, Republican-Maine didn't run for a IInd term. Thus he was very limited in Executive experience so he truly can to "learn on the fly" & gain confidence from the nation as he went along.

"I must be permitted to say that I have been almost overwhelmed by the announcement of the sad event which has so recently occurred. I feel incompetent to perform duties so important & responsible as these which have been so unexpectedly thrown upon me."

April XVth, MDCCCLXV (1865)-March IVth, MDCCCLXIX (1869),


Source: XVIIth President Of The United States Of America Andrew Johnson, Democratic & National Union-Tennessee. 

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