Friday, December 30, 2016

A Lois Hole In One!

Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin., Lois Hole Public Library Courtesy Wifi, Edmonton, Alberta

December XXXth, MMXVI

Hon. Dave Eggen, B. Ed., MLA, Minister of Education, New Democratic, Edmonton-Calder

Dear Dave:

Here at the Lois Hole Edmonton Public Library (EPL) Branch, maintenance crews are letting students off from school watch them put a very nice vinyl pattern indicating the "Children's" section around one of the central hall concrete polls. In addition to promoting art, the EPL crews are showing the students how to put the wrap on safely & should truly be commended for it. Plus, these students might want to get into the maintenance & construction trades themselves some day so it gives them some first-hand visual experience.

Wrap It Up,


Source: Www.Epl.Ca 

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