Friday, January 22, 2010

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January XXIInd, MMX

Hon. David G. Hancock, QC, MLA, Minister of Education, Progressive Conservative, Edmonton-Whitemud

Dear David:

You really should read the January XXIst Edmonton Journal Page B1. There is an article in there about Catholic Trustee Kara Pelech & her little baby Madelyn. It is not only an exciting article to me, its a strong statement for feminism & working mothers. As well as for fathers who are big supporters of the family unit as a whole.

The delightful Journal columnist, Mrs. Sarah O'Donnell gives us a glimpse into motherhood & how the little baby Madelyn is spoiled rotten and accepted greatly by her mom's colleagues on the Catholic Board & by friends and administrators who work in the building. The little girl is adorable just like all babies and she gets plently of attention from all who are there. Icluding many hugs and kisses. She has her own space in her mother's office, in fact she has essentially commandeered that space, taking over total control. Making life for her nursing mother more playful. Which of course is exactly the way things should be.

Whats really cute is the fact that Mrs.O'Donnell refers to the little girl as "the tiniest member of the Board, minus voting priviledges of course." This is hilarious and I am sure quite true. Its I am sure sort of like therapy for the Board Members & Staff working in that office. They not only get to educate & serve the needs of Catholic School children, they get paid to be role models to little Madelyn. More importantly, they get paid to play with the baby, letting their minds relax just a little & relieve the overall stress of their jobs. Its like a total scam job. Influencing young minds and making sure they have the best educated mind possible, from literally birth to their post secondary years.

I for one applaud Trustee Pelech, Madelyn, Mr. Pelech & all the members of the Catholic School Board & District Administration. Promoting motherhood in a working atmosphere can only be a positive thing. The excellence shown here by the Trustee & the journalist who wrote the story are most definitely appreciated. Keep it up I say, we need more positive stories like this in the future.



Source: Edmonton Catholic Trustee Kara Pelech.

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