Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fascinating Facts About Kansas

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Dear Jeff:

Its just as I said beIV, pick a state of the United States, any state & you will become a student instantly interested in state & social studies facts on it. Take IV instance the State of Kansas, or as its also referred to as: the Sunflower State.

J. Its the home to former United States Senator Robert (Bob) J. Dole, who was also the Vice-Presidential candidate on a ticket with XXXVIIIth (38th) President Gerald R. Ford, Republican-Michigan in MCMLXXVI (1976), & the Presidential candidate on the Republican ticket against XLIInd (42nd) President William (Bill) J. Clinton, Democrat-Arkansas in MCMXCVI (1996.)

K. XXXIVth (34th) President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Republican is buried at the Eisenhower Presidential Centre in Abilene.

L. There are XXVII (27) creeks in the state with the name "Walnut Creek."

Has The Largest Population Of Wild Grouse Or Prairie Chickens In The United States,


Source: Kansas Kids Facts.

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