Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cepeda Facts Of Interest On Alberta Premiers

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Hon. Jeff Johnson, MLA
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Dear Jeff:

Today we focus on Former XIIIth (13th) Premier of Alberta Edward "Ed" M. Stelmach. He's truly an interesting gentleman.

- Ed is a shining example of bilingualism, he speaks both Ukranian & English fluently, & was taught Ukranian first growing up in the Lamont area where he was born. Definitely an example for students to follow as knowing more than one language is a definite asset for students.

- Ed is a farmer by vocation & so has many farming & agricultural skills II pass onto future generations.

- Ed served as the Member of the Legislature Assembly (MLA) IV Vegreville-Viking until the riding was abolished & reconfigured. He then served as the MLA for the newly reconstituted Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville.

- Ed served as a Lamont County Councillor & later as Reeve, considered an equal title to that of Mayor.

- Ed is married to the vivacious & quite charming (I'm sure he'll agree) Marie & they have four children, that is three sons & one daughter.

Bringing Back All Party Committees Of The Alberta Legislature,


Source: The Fort Saskatchewan Record.

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