Thursday, June 25, 2015

"Will The Senator Yield The Floor?"-Dick Durbin

Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin., #6, 14504-108 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1G8

June XXVth, MMXV

Hon. Dave Eggen, B. Ed., MLA, Minister of Education, New Democratic, Edmonton-Calder

Dear Dave:

Senator Dick Durbin of The Inland Empire State of Illinois is next. The Senator sets his sights on his constant struggle to get educational resources & monies to classrooms for children of "special needs" status. This is to show that their disability can through proper education be turned into an ability.

"The next step is to provide schools with the resources they need to meet this goal."

Land Of Lincoln,


Source: Senator Dick Durbin, Class 2, Democratic-Illinois.

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