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The Blue Carbuncle

Jeremy Brett & David Burke
Jeremy Brett & Edward Hardwicke
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December XXIVth, MMXI

Hon. Thomas Lukaszuk, MLA, Minister of Education, Progressive Conservative, Edmonton-Castledowns

Dear Thomas:

As the year MMXI closes, I heard that Edward Hardwicke, the second actor to play Dr. John Watson, friend of Sherlock Holmes & case solving confidante & excellent aide II Holmes b/c of his medical degree & background died last May of a cancer. So what Holmes master thespian & Academy Award (TM) Winner/Shakesperean Actor the late Sir Laurence Olivier as his trainer & that of the man who played Holmes as well, actor Jeremy Brett dead of heart failure in MCMXCV (1995), the great Granada Television pairing from the 1980's/90's is now totally gone.

I had not been aware of Edward's death until I saw it on a dead actor montage IV MMXI on Turner Classic Movies (TCM.) Edward was not the 1st Watson, so he wasn't in The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle, no that Christmas themed Sherlock Holmes story had David Burke (thankfully still living), the 1st Watson helping Mr. Brett solve the case & bring truth & justice in an intellectual thought processes through deduction & observation. The Holmes/Watson stories by (Dr.) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle showed that friendship & honesty & the need II want II help people in trouble. Holmes & Watson II me are heroes & Brett & Hardwicke bring these great literary pieces II life. The end result being of course being students who like detective stories, science, reasoning, & the great flare & societal styles of the Victorian Era.

Students & historical literature fans can watch these episodes & other Holmes versions such as the new Sherlock Holmes film with Academy Award (TM) Nominee Robert Downey Jr. all the way back II tv versions & films with Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce, as well as the many stage versions over the last century & more that this character has been around. Sherlock Holmes, The Great Detective has even outlived & endured his creator Conan Doyle who died in MCMXXX (1930.)

Hardwicke & Brett were friends onscreen & in real life & both lived superb lives IV acting careers, both with the Holmes/Watson characters & in their other work. Students who want to study acting, literature, & learn about family & friendship at this time of bonding & family time of joy on December XXVth (25th) can learn a great deal about acting integrity & family respect by doing google searches on Edward Hardwicke, David Burke, Jeremy Brett, & Sherlock Holmes. They'll learn a lot!

The Best Of The Holiday Season Thomas II You, Stacey, & Your Daughters,


Source: Turner Classsic Movies & Granada Television.

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