Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Its Just Another Manic Monday, I Wish It Were Sunday!"

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Hon. Jeff Johnson, MLA
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Dear Jeff:

It looks like the rock group "The Bangles" got their wish b/c I am typing this blog entry on a Sunday.

Sunday Studying Students Take Note:

A. Sunday is the day of the week Christians believe that Christ rose or resurrected from the dead after having been dead IV III days to save humanity from its sins.

A2. No century on the Gregorian calendar starts on a Sunday.

A3. Sunday is spelt: "zondag" in Dutch.

A4. "Meet The Press", a news talk chat show with politicians only airs once a week on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC), & thats on Sundays.

A5. As more people have the day off, most Sunday football & baseball games by the National Football League (NFL) & Major Leagur Baseball (MLB) are scheduled to be played in the afternoons. Except of course the night games which are of course played at night IV family's to enjoy at home & tv networks to air & make money off of.

President Barack Hussein Obama's, (Democrat-Illinois), IInd Swearing In Was Done On Sunday, January XXth, MMXIII,


Source: The Bangles.

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