Monday, October 14, 2013

Fascinating Facts About Californ-i-a

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Dear Jeff:

California is really quite a plethora of interest & factoids for social studies students.

A. The last survey in terms of population put its total at just over 33.8 million people. Thats more people than all of Canada combined. It also makes it the United States most populous state.

B.Its 163,707 square miles in diameter, making it the IIIrd largest state in America, only Texas & Alaska are bigger.

C. XXXVIIth (37th) United States President Richard M. Nixon, Republican was born in Yorba Linda, California. He served from MCMLXIX-MCMLXXIV (1969-1974.) It should be noted that while XLth (40th) United States President Ronald W. Reagan, Republican served as the XXXIIIrd (33rd) Governor of California, he was actually born in Tampico, Illinois.

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Source: The Sacramento Bee.

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