Sunday, January 8, 2017

Paula Week-Jones

Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin., #6, 14504-108 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1G8

January VIIIth, MMXVII

Hon. Dave Eggen, B. Ed., MLA, Mmister of Education, New Democratic, Edmonton-Calder

Truth be told, former Arkansas State employee Paula Jones is quite a truthful person, & thus proving that then US President Bill Clinton, Democratic-Arkansas was and is not. He sexually harassed her, denied it, & yet it was proven true, along with the Miss Lewinsky incident & others.

"I told the truth, & I did it on national TV in a lie detector test."

Penthouse Shoot To Raise Funds For Her Kids Education,


Source: Paula Jones, Civil Servant/Full Time Mom.

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