Friday, January 27, 2017

Total K Os!

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Hon. Dave Eggen, B. Ed., MLA
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New Democratic, Edmonton-Calder

1. Brian Jean wants to bend down & unite the right as he knows he will never get higher than Deputy Premier when Jason Kenney wins!

2. Stephen Khan left the PC Alberta race, Edmonton Journal "columnist" Paula Simons seems to be the only reporter who knew he was even in it.

3. Dickie Starke wants to work with the Wildrose on 95% of issues but not merge, hello Notley Part Deux!

4. Jason Kenney had to suck back an entire canister of oxygen to contain his good fortune. Luckily Steve Harper the asthma sufferer lent him his spare one so Jason could avoid claiming it as a campaign contribution!

5. All of these folks running will be in the hoop come summer when they realize a new contestant will be entering the race for combined conservative party leader's job:

Even Gay & Tranny Conservatives Can't Vote Against Kittens: Am I Right: Of Course I Am,


Source: Steve Harper, Citizen At Large: Now That's Purrtastic!

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