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George Beverly "Shea" Was Always "The Voice" IV The Rev. Dr. Billy Graham

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George Beverly Shea was an amazing gospel singer who lived II be CIV (104) years old & who inspired many evangelical students that were musically inclined in his many years of singing at crussades IV the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

16. George Beverly was born in Winchester, Ontario so held dual Canadian & American passports.

17. As a result of his travels on crusades & other worship concerts, George Beverly holds the record of singing live individually in front of people more than anyone else on planet Earth.

18. George Beverly attended Annesley College in Ottawa & Houghton College in Houghton, New York to perfect his singing skills. Unfortunately, he had to terminate his studies, so many of his oratory skills were self-taught.

The Golden Throat,


Source: The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. 

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