Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Box Office Champ Of A Premier Who Started A Dynasty

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Hon. Jeff Johnson, B. Ed., MLA, Minister of Education, Progressive Conservative, Athabasca-Sturgeon-RedH2O

Dear Jeff:

Today Executive Dissertations looks at the man who started the Progressive Conservative dynasty & brought down Social Credit after XXXVI (36) years straight in power., Alberta's Xth (10th) Premier: The Honourable E. Peter Lougheed, PC. Premier Lougheed's first name was "Edgar" but he went by his second name of "Peter", so this is why I have placed his first rather than his second name in the Post Labels column. Premier Lougheed was Premier from MCMLXXI-MCMLXXXV (1971-1985.)

- Peter's gracious widow Jeanne & his family miss him tremendously as he died in MMXII of heart failure & congestive issues, ironically in the very hospital in Calgary that bears his name.

- Peter's grandpa was a British & Canadian citizen & b/c Canadians were allowed to have Knighthoods at the time, Sir James Lougheed was how he was addressed.

- Peter Lougheed was big on education so IV students he's an educational delight to know about. He possessed a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University Of Alberta, which is the school where he also obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree. In addition to being a lawyer, Peter Lougheed was a graduate later on from Harvard University in business a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), truly a smart gentleman & scholar.

- Peter also played for the Edmonton Eskimos like last week's Premier, Don Getty. This old school game of stratagem allowed Premier Lougheed to win four straight majority terms in power, each time winning a bigger number of seats, a true political genius!

- Peter started up the Heritage Savings Trust Fund which gave Albertans billions in cash for emergency situations. He was also very helpful in getting Calgary the MCMLXXXVIII (1988) Winter Olympics.

A Premier You Could Actually Rely On To Do The Job Properly & Be Accountable To Taxpayers,


Source: Www.LougheedHouse.Com.

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