Sunday, February 14, 2016

Campaigning For Ma!

Afton Elementary School
Rio Terrace Elementary School

R. Joey Koopmans, B. Admin., Ward XII YEG City Councilor Byelection Candidate, Edmonton, Alberta

February XIVth, MMXVI

Hon. Dave Eggen, B. Ed., MLA, Minister of Education, New Democratic, Edmonton-Calder

Dear Dave:

Perhaps the residents of Ward XII will indulge me in a little personal task. Its a task I will really LOVE doing & it seems ever so fitting to do so on this day of love & respect, this Saint Valentine's Day! I would LOVE it if the Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB) would name one of the new schools to be built after my late mother, Mrs. June C. Koopmans, B. Ed. (still my best contributor to this blog & who was the inspiration for its entire concept who died sadly way too young at just LXVIII (68) of a brain-stem stroke in January MMXII.) In particular, it would do my heart good to see a school in Ward XII named after ma, in this way I could see her name up in big & bold letters every time I passed it, inspiring future generations of students from above! Also what better time to lobby & campaign for an issue than when an actual campaign writ period is on whilst being an actual candidate myself?

I. Mom taught first in the EPSB system as a student teacher while attending the prestigious University Of Alberta where she received her Bachelor Of Education Degree in MCMLXVIII (1968.) She loved going there & it took her almost VII.V (7.5) years to graduate due to helping out with family obligations & the fact that she proudly worked to pay every dime of her own tuition, costs, & living expenses. Paying as she went & proudly not taking any student loans! Plus student teaching in rural communities on her holidays!

II. Mom taught in the very important rural area schools of Clandonald & McLaughlin for several years when there were teacher shortages as a student teacher. Gaining valuable experience for her Edmonton based teaching later on.

III. Later on, mom went on to teach in the EPSB system in both the Rio Terrace & Afton Elementary Schools, with a special focus on Kindergarten to Grade II students. Plus, ma loved taking new courses throughout her life as she continually learned new things from Kings College, now Kings University.

IV. When mom left EPSB to raise her family in what MCMLXXVII (1977), she still substituted with EPSB for years & volunteer taught students in Sunday schools & enjoyed babysitting & socializing with others moms & dads & their children. This was a trait she never loss the knack for when we prevailed upon her to babysit her own grandchildren!

V. Growing up with what VII (7) siblings I've observed at many times & at many junctures to her family & friends is what I think led ma to become a Mother Hen & want to educate kids in their formative years, so I can think of nothing better than to have her get this honour!

VI. Mom was working on lesson plans for learning disabled children for a Winter School Camp at her local house of worship, Trinity United Church when she stroked out. Sadly, when she passed four days later, I realized those plans would never be completed.

As a result Dave, I would love mom's journey & life plans to be completed to full fruition by having an EPSB school named after her! HELL DAVE (HECK, SORRY MOM, NO BAD LANGUAGE, I FORGOT): LETS GO FULL BORE HERE: SHE DESERVES THIS POSTHUMOUS HONOUR GREATLY!

My Mom: Mrs. June C. Koopmans, B. Ed.: THE GREATEST CANDIDATE OF THEM ALL!,

R. Joey

Source: "The Campaign II Elect R. Joey Koopmans Ward XII YEG City Councilor" & The Entire Koopmans & Adams Families & William Wade Izzard & I'm Thinking The Entire Planet Earth!