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La Marseillaise

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Dear Jeff:

As the Republic de France celebrates its Juillet Quatorze (14), MDCCLXXXIX (1789) Revolution & on October IVth, the anniversary of the Vth Republic, here are some  interesting social studies Presidential facts IV students about one of the founding nations of The Dominion Of Canada.:

Un. Nicholas Sarkozy, the most recent Former French President is only the second French President ever in every form of French government to not win a second term of office. He lost to Socialist candidate, Francois Hollande.

Deux. Charles de Gaulle is the only Vth Republic French President to have resigned from office, just as Richard Milhous Nixon was the only American President to have done so. Interestingly, de Gaulle stepped down in MCMLXIX (1969), the same year Nixon assumed the Presidency.

Trois. Nicholas Sarkozy divorced his second wife while in office just a few months. She admitted to an affair. Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz was then just the Premiere Ist Lady of France (of Sarkozy) while Carla Bruni, an Italian born model who subsequently married Sarkozy after his divorce became his Second Ist Lady. She also gave birth to a daughter, making Sarkozy the Ist President in French history to become a pere while in office.

Quatre. Alain Poher, twice the President of the French Senate, succeeded not once, but twice to the French Presidency for two non-consecutive terms as Interim President under two different Presidents. First after Charles de Gaulle resigned & second under Georges Pompidou died in office.

Cinq. Former Presidents Georges Pompidou & Jacques Chirac also served seperate terms in previous capacities as French Premiere Ministre. Chirac actually held that position twice, albeit it non-consecutive terms.

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite,


Source: The Chicago Tribune.

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