Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mama Number 1

Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin.
#203, 8912-156 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5R 5Z2


Hon. Jeff Johnson, MLA
Minister of Education,
Progressive Conservative, Athabasca-Sturgeon-RedH2O

Dear Jeff:

The teacher's perspective, custom-tailored to these fine youngsters at Afton Elementary School really comes out of my mother, Mrs. June C. Koopmans, B. Ed. with these wonderful lesson plans.:


        Thursday, January 28th, 1971:

      Printing: thought, thing, that these, threw. Printing & drawing picture words for: thunder, with, think, thistle, path, & gather.  
      Phonics: check out "G", "H", "I", & "J" in dictionaries.
      Language: ABC order.
      Rdg. words.: S. R.: "Lazy Jack."
              workshts;  wkbk. P. 102, 103, 104
      Spelling:          #15d, & check; weekly readers.
      Story: "Puss-in-Boots."        

      Arith.:    playing store.
                   counting money.
A (cancelled)/ Entertainment.: - story: "Busy Town." ?
                                              - films, etc. in gp (general play) room.  

3:30PM: Staff meeting.                                   


Planning Brilliance,


Source: "The Historical Lesson Plans Of Mrs. June C. Koopmans, B. Ed." C. MCMLXXI, The Estate Of June C. Koopmans, Grade II, Afton Elementary School.

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