Thursday, February 26, 2015

What Would Captain Kirk Do?

Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin., #6, 14504-108 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5N 1G8

February XXVIth, MMXV

Hon. Gordon Dirks, B. Ed., M. Ed., MLA, Minister of Education, Progressive Conservative, Calgary-Elbow

Dear Gordon:

For The Alberta Hospital Party & their treachery, dishonesty, & generally despicable attitude in poaching former Wildrose executives in an underhanded way, I know exactly the Federation Starship Enterprise's Captain James Tiberius Kirk would advise science fiction fans & science students to do. He'd tell them if they cannot vote for Her Majesty's PC Government, then they should vote for either the Liberals or New Democratics, two opposition party's most likely to dent the chances of The Alberta Hospital Party garnering any form of gain.

First & foremost we have David Swann, MLA, Liberal, Calgary-Mountain View & Interim Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party once again calling the "play-by-play" for his party again. Dr. Swann & quality candidates like the recently acclaimed Laurie Blakeman, MLA, Liberal, Edmonton-Centre will make much better & more effective MLAs in the Alberta Legislature than The Alberta Hospital Party which used to have QR77 Radio host Dave Taylor as the Calgary-Currie MLA (truly one of the darkest periods in Alberta history.) David & Laurie stay true to the Alberta Liberal Party values while rats like Corey Hogan, Tim Grover, Christine Labossiere all abandon their political homes sneakily to join The Alberta Hospital Party whose motto is "Albertans Are Listening." They are listening, but only to your party's dying heartbeat.

Secondly we have Rachel Notley, MLA, New Democratic, Edmonton-Strathcona & Leader of the Alberta New Democratic Party. Rachel & her team stand for progressive, liberal, socialistic, & working class values & who like her late father Grant has street smarts & stamina, traits needed in a good opposition leader. They have like David Swann, honesty & fairness for not just the rich citizenry, but for folks of all working classes & socioeconomic standards. The people of Alberta who want a good opposition that's effective, smart, & able to adapt to hold the government accountable should vote Liberal or NDP, two party's with values. The Alberta Hospital Party & its backers need to get that no one cares! Hell they care less about your party than they do my blog! Just like this blog, no one is reading your stuff! I myself let my cat use your Alberta Hospital Party flyers as even he can't garner the feline vote for them & as such gets "pissed off" every time he sees one!

William Munsey Eats Cherry Pits But Not The Cherries As His Party Is "The Pits",


Source: Hakuna Matata.

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