Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Library Importance

Rory J. Koopmans, B. Admin.,Ward A, Edmonton Public School Trustee Candidate, Jasper Place Branch Library Terminal #XX, Edmonton, Alberta

July XXIst, MMX

Hon. David G. Hancock, QC, MLA, Minister of Education, Progressive Conservative, Edmonton-Whitemud

Dear David:

The Edmonton Public Library Access II The Internet Use Policy is great. Its fair, everyone gets an hour. So no one is treated differently just because they are rich or poor. But why is it that there are no extra stations set up at the Stanley A. Milner Branch Library? I mean stations with City owned laptops that also have the one hour time limit enforced. These laptops would of course have II be chained down David. But I argue that the EPL and its staffers need II add these laptops badly at the main branch, especially on Sundays when Milner is the only branch open in the city from Victoria Day II Labour Day.

There are summer students and folks of all ages who need year round access and in summers Milner has a huge increase in humanoid levels entering its doors. These folks need library computer time desperately & have II compete with the homeless, intransigents, business owner/operators & downtown residents who arguably occupy the branch more frequently on a year round basis.

Adding laptops would be a lower cost alternative to regular terminals and they can also be programmed so that students and/or EPL users can still print their documents for $0.10 each on library printers and plug in their floppy diskettes, cd & dvd roms, as well as memory sticks IV storage capacity to save their work (that may be partially completed or needing a final edit.) Whether of course their next visit to a EPL Library Branch is II the Milner or a satellite branch on a Monday-Saturday basis.

Students First,


Source: Www.Epl.Ca.

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